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Mandarin Lavender Coconut Oil Scrub

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They're baaaack! By popular demand, we've brought back our amazing salt scrubs - now new and better than ever! This is a 13 ounce jar of the best stuff on earth, so you can indulge to your heart's content.

Our Mandarin Lavender Scrub smells absolutely divine, and is packed with Pink Himalayan Salt, coconut oil and shea butter, for incredibly silky soft skin after each use. Pink Himalayan Salt is considered the purest and most beautiful salt in the world. Himalayan salt is a naturally harvested raw, unprocessed salt that is full of naturally occurring trace minerals, including manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

Attention: Our salt scrubs contain a high amount of skin nourishing oils, which can make the floor slippery. If using in shower or tub, please be sure to wipe down and dry surfaces after each use.
ingredients: pink himalayan salt, dead sea salt, coconut oil, shea butter, organic sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, essential oils of mandarin, lavender, rosemary, geranium, and litsea cubeba.
Note: In the warm, summer months, the oils may melt and separate from the salts. Don't worry, simply give it a good stir with a clean spoon before each use. You can even put it in the fridge to solidify if you'd like. Just remember to stir and combine thoroughly to get the best ratio of salt and oils on the skin.

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