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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Published by Dali on Nov 4th 2021

So, I posted a short video on how I fill each of our amazing lip balms by hand, and I wanted to share my helpful tools with you. I found a test tube tray that's just about the right size for the standard 0.15 ounce tubes, and each tray holds 50 of them!

Pair it with the little lazy suzy, and it makes filling the tubes so much easier! I had to put a small cutting board on top of the lazy suzy because the tray didn't fit quite perfectly, but no big deal.

What the heck. I might as well share my favorite lip balm tubes here, too, so you'll have all you need to create your own handmade lip balms. The Keepie Factory lip balm tubes are REALLY great quality, FDA APPROVED, Non Toxic, BPA Free, and most importantly, MADE IN USA!

So the only thing missing is your own lip balm creation! The possibilities are endless there, so I'll leave that to you to experiment and have fun with!

If you'd like to buy ours to try, here's a link to my favorite flavor! Ultra Rich Mint Verbena