Men's 6 Month Soapscription®

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Men's 6 Month Soapscription®
Men's 6 Month Soapscription®
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Use the drop down menus to select your choice of 2 bars. If you'd rather let our master soap chef decide, just leave the drop down on Soaprise Me! If you like scrubby soaps, choose "Soaprise Me - Rough". If you like smooth bars, choose "Soaprise Me - Smooth".

We'll send you TWO hearty 8 ounce bars every month. Your first shipment will include a FREE, made in the good ol' U.S. of A., wooden soap dish to help keep your soaps high and dry!

All soaps are handmade from scratch in our onsite kitchen, where we’ve been serving up fresh, all natural olive oil soap for over a decade, but who's counting? Think Fight Club without the liposuction. Rest assured, we never use animal fats of any kind. We use only the finest essential oils and herbs, so the end product is hydrating for the skin, healthy for the body, and never overwhelming to the nose. Here’s your chance to experience pure indulgence with zero guilt!

• Paraben Free
• Sulfate Free
• Triclosan / Triclocarban Free
• Phthalate Free
• Cruelty Free
• No Synthetic Fragrances or Colorants

Note: The initial shipment will go out at the time of order, and subsequent months will be shipped the first week of each month.