Tea Tree Face Bar, 4oz.

Healing, anti-acne. For normal to oily skin.
Tea Tree Face Bar, 4oz.
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Naturally healing and great for acne prone skin without drying you out.

Why handmade soap? Because your skin will thank you. Many commercial soap companies remove the glycerine from their soapmaking process and use it in their lotions. This leaves their soap with very little, if any, moisturizing properties. Here at The Soap Kitchen, we not only leave all the glycerine in our soaps, but we superfat, which means we add extra good-for-you oils like olive oil and unrefined shea butter to leave your skin clean and moisturized.

ingredients: saponified olive, organic certified sustainable palm, and coconut oils, essential oils of tea tree and peppermint, peppermint leaves, poppy seeds.

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